PAM Declaration and Policy on Gender Equity in Architecture

Dear PAM Members,

We are pleased to inform that ‘PAM Declaration on Gender Equity’ and ‘PAM Policy on Gender Equity Policy in Architecture’ that were drafted by the PAM Special Committee on Gender Equity as attached have been approved by PAM Council. These reflect PAM’s commitment to promote the culture of inclusion within the profession and recognizes that gender disparity needs to be seriously addressed.

The ‘Policy’ aims to establish a general framework for adoption by our members, setting out principles and recommendations designed to maximise fair and equitable access to opportunities and to realize the goal of equitable practice.

PAM would therefore encourage all our members to promote and integrate the ‘Policy’ in your practice to reflect our joint commitment to be more inclusive and to recognize the importance of the contribution by both genders to the profession and the built environment.

We look forward to your full support and cooperation and let us all work together to make a difference.

Thank you and warmest regards,

Datuk Ar. Tan Pei Ing
Chairman, Gender Equity Committee 2020-2021

PAM Declaration on Gender Equity in Architecture

PAM Gender Equity Policy in Architecture

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