Promoting Architects in Sarawak

PAMSC is rejuvenating our website. This website is intended to be our local architects directory showcase and celebrate our PAM Sarawakian architects. We join our members in taking pride, showing their work on our local portal.

We hope that this will be a vehicle to enable potential clients and future employees to view your practices work examples.

PAMSC will be able to give the public a ‘new window’ in their scout for local arhictects.

As such, we sincerely hope that all our members will take this opportunity to upload to PAMSC new directory, which at the moment is free. We hope you will make it a fruitful platform to promote your practice.

Discover Architect Firms in Sarawak

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Future Events

UAC-Versatile Applications of UAC Fibre Cement Board_page-0001 - 129p
PAMSC TECHNICAL TALK 3/2024: Versatile Applications of UAC Fibre Cement Board & Let's Talk Design with IDC Architects
June 15, 2024
Free of Charge
Flyer - 129p
PAMSC TECHNICAL TALK 2/2024: Design and Structural Approach to Ceiling Systems - Case Studies
May 18, 2024
Free of Charge
PAMSC Technical Talk 1-2024_page-0001 - 129p
[240427] PAMSC Technical Talk 1/2024: ACON AAC Light Weight Blocks & AAC Panel
April 27, 2024
Free of Charge
BIM BUZZ 2024_poster-129p
[240302] BIM BUZZ - Technology Moving BIM
March 2, 2024
Raia Hotel & Convention Centre Kuching
PAMSC Member - FOC & Non-Member-RM25
PAMSC_CPD_poster 2-01 - 129p
[240203] Design & ARcover Talk; 13 Years On…. & Architects' Liability from the Insurer's Perspective
February 3, 2024
Free of Charge