CPD Seminar Talk 2016 : Professional Indemnity – Crisis of Liability

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CPD Seminar Talk 2016 : Professional Indemnity – Crisis of Liability
10th September 2016 9:00 am
10th September 2016 12:30 pm
23rd August 2016
Sarawak, United States
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Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) is now becoming more popular among the practitioners and their clients. An increasing number of developers make it a condition for Architects to take up PII before being engaged for their projects.

In our local context, PII is very green and has not gone through the real test. Many are excited to have it, while the rest are still in dilemma, and insurers are happily going on with their business. Some professional bodies require their members to have PII before registering and allowing them to practice. Architects have yet to follow but there are parties who are pressing for PII to be a must. Should we make PII compulsory for Architects?

There are perceptions that PII will expose the professional to litigation. Furthermore, the present laws that placed ‘unlimited lia- bility’ on the professionals worsen the situation. The real test has yet to come. The crisis is about to begin.



Ar. Ezumi Harzani Ismail

Ezumi Harzani is the Director of Arkitek MAA Sdn Bhd, board member of Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM) and Deputy President of Malaysian Institute of Architect (PAM). At Arkitek MAA, he involved in various scales of projects with different methods of procurement and varying degrees of liability such as conventional arrangement, direct appointment selection system, open tender design and build, and direct negotiation for public-private partnership under turnkey developers. Good management practice has always been his key principle in ensuring the best services are delivered to the clients and in managing the risk to prevent unnecessary liabilities.

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This CPD will examine the roles and responsibilities of the Architect under the Housing Development Act (Act 118 Peninsular Malaysia 2007) and the Sarawak Housing Ordinance (1993) and related regulations. It will cover an overview of the two sets of laws in force in West Malaysia and Sarawak and point out the major differences. A brief outline of the certification process under the housing acts and ordinances and the management of quality in relation to this certification is reviewed. Managing common defects and complaint is also considered.

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