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  Name Name of Firm Membership Type
avatar Abang Hashim Bin Abang Abdul Aziz gapPDMS Sdn Bhd Graduate
avatar Abang Razali Abang Abdullah DDR Architects Sdn Bhd Corporate
avatar Adenan B. Haji Baki gapPDMS Sdn Bhd Graduate
avatar Afiqah Binti Hassan Graduate
avatar Alan Lau Kor Loong IDC Architects Sdn Bhd Corporate
avatar Alastair Wong Qin Wen Graduate
avatar Alfred Ting Sze Nang Alfred Ting Architect Corporate
avatar Amalina binti Ishak Aki Media Graduate
avatar Amanda Lau Ming Ming Amanda Lau Arkitek Corporate
avatar Andrew Siaw Khoi Joo Arkitek SKJ Corporate
avatar Andy Tan Kwang Thai Arkitek KDI Sdn Bhd Graduate
avatar Aneem Soraya binti Menji PU Architect Sdn Bhd Graduate
avatar Angel Wong Ming Ming Ming Wong Architect Corporate
avatar Arlene Chew Swee Mei SML Architects Corporate
avatar Augustine Yung Chun Ning JH Bong Architect Graduate
avatar Awang Hasim Awang Sulong Arkitek Hif Corporate
avatar Azlan Ahmadi B. Julaihi Arkiskape Sdn Bhd Graduate
avatar Azy Yanti bt Morni PU Architect Sdn Bhd Graduate
avatar Benjamin Wan Wui Yin Corporate
avatar Bong Hoon Voo Arkitek Visireka Sdn Bhd Corporate
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This CPD will examine the roles and responsibilities of the Architect under the Housing Development Act (Act 118 Peninsular Malaysia 2007) and the Sarawak Housing Ordinance (1993) and related regulations. It will cover an overview of the two sets of laws in force in West Malaysia and Sarawak and point out the major differences. A brief outline of the certification process under the housing acts and ordinances and the management of quality in relation to this certification is reviewed. Managing common defects and complaint is also considered.

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PAMSC Design Festival 2019 – Design Forum

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