Our Committee

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PAM Sarawak Chapter Committee 2019-2020

Chairperson :  Ar. Ivy Jong
Deputy Chairman :  Ar. Chai Si Yong
Vice Chairperson :  Ar. Noraini Narodden
Hon. Secretary :  Ar. Tay Buang Chuan
Hon. Treasurer :  Ar. Andy Ngu Tai Kong
Immediate Past Chairman :  Ar. Bong Joon Hin
Committee Member :  Ar. Leong Pik Shia
 Ar. Tina Lau Kor Ting
 Ar. Wee Hii Min
 Ar. Felix Wee Lik Chiang
 Ar. Angel Wong Ming Ming
 Ar. Amanda Lau Ming Ming
Co-Opt (Past Chairman) :  Ar. Ng Chee Wee
 Ar. Peter Wong King Lai
 Ar. Desmond Kuek Teck Hiong
 Ar. Stephen Liew Ngian Chin
Co-Opt (Graduates) :  Ms. Emmeline Ong Say Chiun


Secretariat & IT

Ar. Tay Buang Chuan (Chair)

Ar. Angel Wong Ming Ming (Co-Chair)


Ar. Andy Ngu Tai Kong (Chair)

Ar. Leong Pik Shia (Co-Chair)

Practice & Government Liaison

Ar. Chai Si Yong (Chair)

Ar. Andy Ngu Tai Kong (Co-Chair)

Ar. Amanda Lau Ming Ming (Co-Chair)

Ar. Ng Chee Wee (Sustainable)

Events & CPD

Ar. Leong Pik Shia (Chair)

Ar. Wong Ming Ming (Co-Chair)

Publication & Media Ar. Tina Lau Kor Ting (Chair)
Education, Graduate & BIM

Ar. Noraini Narodden (Chair)

Ar. Felix Wee Lik Chiang (Co-Chair)

Ar. Peggy Wong Bik Kay (Co-Chair)

Ar. Sam Lau Hui Saint (IPG 2019)

Design Forum 2020

Ar. Wee Hii Min (Chair)

Ms. Emmeline Ong Say Chiun (Co-Chair)

Making A Difference

Ar. Tay Buang Chuan (Chair)

Ar. Felix Wee Lik Chiang (Co-Chair)

Ar. Wong Siew Ling (Co-Chair)



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This CPD will examine the roles and responsibilities of the Architect under the Housing Development Act (Act 118 Peninsular Malaysia 2007) and the Sarawak Housing Ordinance (1993) and related regulations. It will cover an overview of the two sets of laws in force in West Malaysia and Sarawak and point out the major differences. A brief outline of the certification process under the housing acts and ordinances and the management of quality in relation to this certification is reviewed. Managing common defects and complaint is also considered.


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Public Design Lecture Series – Celebrating Local Architects

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