WAD 8.0 – Cardboard Pavilion Competition – Shortlisted Entries

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We are pleased to announce the 5 shortlisted entries for Cardboard Pavilion Competition as follows:

Theme Team Members University/College/Collaboration

Breaking the Screen

1. Joanne Ho Chui Ying

2. Nelson Lai Soon Chuen

3. Wee Xin Lei

4. Keith Eugene

Limkokwing Institute of

Creative Technology

(Borneo Campus)


1. Goh Eng Teng

2. Sheryl Tin Sing Hui

3. Wendy Lim Yee Ping

3. Sia Chai Hui

5. Fong Kah Eng

6. Meygan Chien

University College of

Technology Sarawak (UCTS)

Infinite Loop Pavilion

1. Yeo Khee Liang

2. Sim Ee Kwang

To Infinity and Beyond!

1. Liaw Kheng Boon

2. Lo Wei Meng

3. Ting Siaw Ning

4. Ronald Wong Teck Yih


1. Chin Kuan Wei

2. Tiong Jing Jing

3. Hwong Yu Leong

Limkokwing Institute of

Creative Technology

(Borneo Campus)

Thank You!

We received total of 21 entries after the closing of the submission date. However, due to limited space, we can only shortlist FIVE (5) entries to be build on site. Our panel judges were having hard time finalising the shortlisted entries during the Stage 1 Judging session on 10 Aug 2018. The judges are:

1. Ar. Ivy Jong

2. Ar. Lau Ming Ngi

3. Mdm. Samantha Yap (Interior Designer)

4. Mr. Ramsay Ong (Artist)



Congratulation again to those who made it to the next stage, for those who didn’t make it, well done and try again!

Thank you.


For more info about the competition, please click [HERE]

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