Proposed Amendment of Sarawak Building Ordinance (SBO) 1994 – Part VI, Part VII, Schedule E, Schedule I & Schedule J

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We are pleased to refer to letter from Ministry of Local Government & Housing Sarawak [ref: MLGH/L/139(42)] dated 5 October 2017.

Please find the link to download the Draft Copy of Proposed Amendment of SBO 1994 on the followings for your review:

  • Part VI – Fire Requirements
  • Part VII – Fire Alarms, Fire Detection, Fire Extinguishment and Fire Fighting Access
  • Schedule E
  • Schedule I
  • Schedule J


Kindly submit your feedback & comment (if any) to or contact PAMSC Secretariat BEFORE 10 NOVEMBER 2017, for our compilation to submit to the Ministry.



Ar. Bong Joon Hin

Chairman, PAM (Sarawak Chapter) 2017/2018

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This CPD will examine the roles and responsibilities of the Architect under the Housing Development Act (Act 118 Peninsular Malaysia 2007) and the Sarawak Housing Ordinance (1993) and related regulations. It will cover an overview of the two sets of laws in force in West Malaysia and Sarawak and point out the major differences. A brief outline of the certification process under the housing acts and ordinances and the management of quality in relation to this certification is reviewed. Managing common defects and complaint is also considered.

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