Dialogue with Kolej Komuniti

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Towards BIM (Building Information Modelling) Implementation in the Construction Industry (8th August 2017)

Attended by Ar. Noraini Narodden


PAMSC commended Kolej Komuniti in their initiative to equip their students with BIM knowledge and skills, even though most of the industry players are yet to transition to BIM. PAMSC believes that CIDB can play a role in motivating the industry to move towards BIM Technology by assisting by providing grants for training and initial implementation cost (which are high).


Amongst those at the dialogue, 4 parties made presentations on BIM:

- Hala Tuju BIM (by CIDB Sarawak)

- BIM Awareness (by Building Smart Malaysia)

- Diploma in Architecture Technology (by Kolej Komuniti)

- Highway Information Management (by Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn. Bhd.)


The majority of architectural firms in Sarawak are yet to adopt the usage of BIM due to issues as high initial investment in software and staff training, lack of involvement by fellow consultants, lack of knowledge about BIM and readiness to change. There is a concern that the industry will not be ready to accept the Kolej Komuniti students when they graduate in April 2019 BIM-ready.

Dialogue with Kolej Komuniti 1

Dialogue with Kolej Komuniti 2

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