Submission Procedures

posted on: 30-Jul-2013

This serves to inform that effective 3rd January 2011,  Land & Survey Department (L&S) has implemented a new Development Checklist namely: i) Development Checklist 7/2010(A) – For application of 40 unils of houses and below: and ii) Development Checklist 812010(B) For application of residential development exceeding 40 units of houses or more than 5 acres […]

posted on: 30-Jul-2013

A Letter from Bomba regarding submission instructions for the Occupational Permit Supporting Letter. According to the letter, as of 1st January 2013, Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Negeri Sarawak, will require the submission of three (3) copies of Bomba Operation Book as one of the technical requirements for the approval of building plans and the […]

posted on: 30-Jul-2013

This is to inform you that there is a change in the submission and processing
procedure in connection with the above subject matter.

2. In order to shorten processing time. it has been decided by the State Planning
Authority that detailed building plans submitted in connection with siting applications
will be processed only by the Land and Survey Department, and submissions are to be
made simultaneously to Land and Survey Divisional Office and Headquarters. The
Department makes a commitment to process detailed building plans that are in order
within two (2) weeks after which the plans will be prepared and ready for State
Planning Authority meeting.

3. The details of submission are as described in the attachment. This procedure is
to be implemented completely by 3.6.2011 in all Divisions with the exception of
Bintulu which is under the jurisdiction of the Bintulu Development Authority.
However, you may begin submitting in accordance with the procedure with immediate
effect. Please inform your members.

posted on: 30-Jul-2013

Dimaklumkan bahawa perlaksanaan penuh mengemuka pelan menggunakan
format CD adalah mulai 01 April 2013. Mulai tempoh tersebut pelan cetakan amonia
tidak diterima lagi.
Dokumen-dokumen yang perlu disertakan semasa mengemuka pelan dengan
format baru ini adalah Pelan Senibina, Pelan Kejuruteraan dan Pelan Mekanikal dalam
format CD-PDF. Manakala borang-borang dan dokumen-dokumen yang berkaitan
adalah masih sama.

posted on: 26-Apr-2013

Please refer to the attach letter dd 26th April 2013 from the Council of the City of Kuching South for the above mentioned. MBKSDISABLETOILET

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