posted on: 30-Jul-2013

Dimaklumkan bahawa perlaksanaan penuh mengemuka pelan menggunakan
format CD adalah mulai 01 April 2013. Mulai tempoh tersebut pelan cetakan amonia
tidak diterima lagi.
Dokumen-dokumen yang perlu disertakan semasa mengemuka pelan dengan
format baru ini adalah Pelan Senibina, Pelan Kejuruteraan dan Pelan Mekanikal dalam
format CD-PDF. Manakala borang-borang dan dokumen-dokumen yang berkaitan
adalah masih sama.

posted on: 26-Apr-2013

Please refer to the attach letter dd 26th April 2013 from the Council of the City of Kuching South for the above mentioned. MBKSDISABLETOILET

posted on: 02-Jul-2012

Notes from the previous CPD Seminar is now available here.

posted on: 26-Jun-2012

Please be informed that the Council had revised the procedure for application for special permission to commence building operation through the formulated checklists as per attached.

posted on: 29-May-2012

The very term “Low-Cost Housing” assumes that the challenge is to find innovative ways to reduce the cost of building houses and in doing so, making it affordable for every family to own, regardless of their income level. The problem is seen primarily with an engineering solution – of how to mass produce houses as low-cost as possible. In this paper, the problem is seen through another perspective, a social standpoint. From this point of view, it becomes obvious that placement and concentrating families of the poor – financially and socially stressed – in one location, does not make sense. The higher the concentration of people in these low-cost housing areas, the more unmanageable the social problems become. The Affordable Mosaic Housing concept is an alternative to the present Low-Cost Housing paradigm. This model of cluster houses and clustered neighbourhoods aims to produce better social, environmental and aesthetic environments, by using land more efficiently with fewer roads.

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